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Book your, no-fuss RV camping experience now!  With three sites available, you and your family can enjoy a peaceful stay in the great outdoors. Check-in begins on Thursday, July 18th at noon, and check-out is Monday, July 22nd at noon. Each site costs just $400 for four nights, and the number of campers depends on the size of your RV and available beds. Please note that tents are not permitted on RV sites, but we do offer tent sites that can be added to your reservation (limited to two guests per tent).

RV Site No Hook Ups

  • Inkcarceration Festival Camping Weekend At Kindred Kove, LLC  (not affiliated with Inkcarceration or OSR)

    By booking you have entered into this agreement and agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as “Lessee”)and KINDRED KOVE, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Lessor”) 

    Lessee (you) hereby agree to lease a camping site on the property known as Kindred Kove, LLC, including the grounds and parking area during the days, dates, and hours of Thursday, July 18, 2024, on or after 12pm through Monday, July 22, 2024, at or before 12 pm. The rental fee of $600 is due at the time of booking, in advance of the utilization date. The hours stated include set-up and pack-up, and the property will only be accessible at and during the specified times stated above.
    Your payment is your electronic signature serving as acceptance and agreement of the terms and conditions of this agreement.
    If Lessee cancels the reservation after booking, no refund will be issued, and Lessee forfeits all rights to the reservation.
    This Lease is made without warranty, expressed or implied, as to the
    condition of the premises. Lessee acknowledges and understands that said premises is a natural habitat with many obvious and hidden risks, including but not limited to water, trees, bushes, poison ivy, insect bites and stings, or acts of God. Lessee further agrees that Lessor shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to person or property of Lessee, or of Lessee’s employees, agents, guests, licenses, vendors, or invitees, regardless of how the same was caused, including but not limited to any defects in the premises or appurtenances.  Kindred Kove is an Agrotourism property and a Wedding and Celebration Venue.

    • Lessor is not responsible for power outages, equipment failures, or acts of God.
    • Occupancy is limited to 2 guests per campsite, with 1 tent on the campsite and 1 vechicle parking space in the parking lot.
    • Campers must be 18 years or older. No pets are permitted.
    • Pond disclosure – Lessee acknowledges pond risks and agrees to follow safety precautions.  There is no lifegaurd on duty.  The pond is 10 feet deep in most areas.  No Driving, No Jumping into pond.
    • Lessor reserves the right to use event photographs for promotional purposes.
    • Alcoholic beverages are permitted; Lessee assumes all responsibility. No glass bottles allowed.
    • No fires, charcoal grills, tiki torches, fireworks, or open flames allowed. Propane grills are provided in the common area by Kindred Kove.
    • Lessee is responsible for cleaning the campsite and grounds, using on-site dumpsters for trash removal.
    • Concession areas and food trucks are available on-site; Lessee can bring own foods and beverages.
    • Portable restrooms and showers provided.
    • Lessee can come and go freely; only registered guests are permitted on Kindred Kove property. Shuttles to and from the festival are included.
    • No guns are permitted on the property; violation results in eviction without refund.

    This agreement includes a waiver and release of liability, and both parties waive their right to a jury trial. Any litigation must be filed in Richland County, Ohio.
    *To reserve a campsite, all parties must be 18 years of age or older. No person will be admitted without a signed Waiver and Release of Liability form.  (Physical copy signed at check in)
    I, the Releasor, assume all risks of participating in activities at Kindred Kove,LLC. I waive, release, and discharge Releasees from any liability for injury, death, disability, property damage, or theft. I indemnify and agree not to sue Releasees for any liabilities or claims. I acknowledge the broad construal of this release.

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